Frequently Asked Questions

Our Brief History

We were founded by a group of company who also established a massage & spa services during 2005. At that time, the said industry is perceived to be a way of "prostitution" or offering an extra service to the client. However, using our passion in creating unique ideas and using our background in medical education, we changed the way people think if they hear the word “massage services” from the negative into the positive of for people who wants to be relieved of their everyday stress.

Currently, as you can see now in the market, massage home service is everywhere. We do not mind that we have a lot of competitors. For us, what is important is that we helped a lot of people to be given work even under minimum wage. Especially students who want to earn to be able to finish college.

We must admit that it was not easy to establish that kind of business. We have to deal with different types of people. To conform to their different needs and keep up with the fast paced change of lifestyle. It was challenging but we survived. For us, handling the needs and different needs of customers is one of the most difficult to handle than a product. We must be innovative but at the same time affordable so that we may reach out to all.

In the 10 years of experience in handling different kinds of customers in the spa industry and 27 years in handling different businesses, we took it to another level of challenging ourselves, this time to be able to focus on the relationship between the employer and employee. And since the basic foundation of the society is family, we took it from there.

In a country where “kasambahays” and “yayas” are part of the family, it is also our mission to professionalize it so that in the future, when our countrymen from the provinces decide to travel to the capital city to be “kasambahays” or “yayas”, they will not be tagged as mere helpers but professional workers. And for the employers, they will have people who are well trained and responsible whom they will welcome as an addition to their family.

Surveys and studies were made and it was sad that results show many things that agencies offering “kasambahay” and “yaya” services as well as the government needs to address. There are agencies without license (DOLE PRPA Licenses) and does not have the proper process to assist the employers when an employee suddenly cuts the contract and does not replace them in due time. There are also agencies that do not have an open line in case a need to be contacted arises. Agencies that is unable to assist or visit the dispatched helpers so that they know if they are being treated well.

We felt and made it our priority to be able help both sides.

This all started when one of our investors were getting helpers in agencies in Makati and Quezon City areas. She observed that needs for assistance was listened to at first but unfortunately, no concrete process is used to have it resolved. As she is a Nursing Graduate she knew that she also needs to act to help children to be well taken care of by a fine “yaya/kasambahay” and as a mother, she wanted to have that emotional and psychological stability that her children is being taken care of by the right person. As an entrepreneur, her mind went to work for ideas.

Getting the right person is another challenge as people are with different personalities and capabilities. But she believed that it would be possible with proper training, orientation and constant assistance

- To be able to assist those who wants to work as “yaya” and kasambahay” and train them to be almost professionals in this field

- To be able to assist those who are in need to have a responsible and caring “yaya” and “kasambahay”

- To be able to offer continuous assistance to both employers and employees even after the contract has been signed.

We will do our best to help you find the best helpers and train them as much as possible. However, we would like to inform you that you still need to guide this people and also check their background after our routine check. It is better to have at least two times background checking for the safety of our family.

We would also like to clarify that we are a service provider and not a foundation.


1.What is the difference between “Kasambahay” (Household Help) and “Yaya” (Nanny)

 “Kasambahay” (Househelp) mostly do household chores like cleaning the house, doing the dishes, etc. A “Yaya” (Nanny) mostly takes care of children.

2. Do you offer services in PROVINCIAL AREAS?

We apologize. We only cater Metro Manila and nearby areas so that we can still visit and reach our “yaya”, “kasambahay” and their employers just in case they need our assistance.

3. How much is the rate of the Kasambahay? How much is to shell out?

Please do call our contact numbers or message us at our fb page wantedyaya

4.What is the ONE TIME Service provider fee?

The service provider fee is for our service in searching for kasambahay for you and for the documentation process like service provider agreement, some of their requirements, advertising for recruitment of the needed kasambahay from the Metro and the provinces. These will also be used in assisting our dispatched kasambahay and their employers during the 6 months duration of the contract in case they need our assistance. This is to make sure that there is an equal treatment of our dispatched kasambahay and their employers in accordance with the law.

5.What is included in the medical exam?

For your safety and security, the government requires all employers to have their kasambahay undergo a basic medical test. With the additional Php 2,000, tests will be for Complete Blood Count (CBC), Routine Urinalysis, Pregnancy Test, Fecalysis, XRAY, 

6.What time can we be contacted?

Our office hours are from Mondays to Fridays 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. You may also send us a message via our Facebook Page or contact us at 09778379292/09177929297/09287732265 during office hours. We may extend our office hours in cases of emergency.

7.Is there ANY contract agreement?

Yes. There is a service provider agreement. Then there will also be a contract between you and your kasambahay. Please take NOTE that we only provide the service of finding you the kasambahay. Your contract with them is different and that is why it is a must that you should interview them first.

8.Can you send the resume of Kasambahay via email?

Most of the agencies are practicing this for easy access of the resumes. We made an online database for you so that you can select and check their personal details, working experience and availability status. You may visit www.wantedyaya.com

9. Are you registered with DOLE?

One of the ways to spot a fake agency or illegal agency is to know if they have a DOLE PRPA License. It is indeed a must to be very careful in dealing with one. MGP WantedYaya is under a single proprietorship. However, in the last quarter of 2015, it is now CLEEMANPOWER SERVICES with DOLE license M1500-089 with its main office located at #37 Carnation St, La Colina Subd, Fortune, Marikina City. We also have our sub offices at Ortigas and Makati where most of our staff is assigned and where other requirements are being processed.

9. Can we reserve a Kasambahay?

Our apology but as much as we want to facilitate this, it would be difficult for us to sustain their needs such as board and lodging and meals unless you pay our service fee and their stay in one of our facilities.

10. What if the Kasambahay leaves before the contract ends?

You are entitled for three (3) replacements if the kasambahay left your premises within ONE MONTH from start of the contract. Replacement will be sent within a maximum of 30 days or we will be compelled to return 75% (divided by the number of months/day of the said kasambahay) of the service provider fee as imposed by law.

11. What if they leave after a month?

There would be a replacement fee .This is the reason you need to evaluate and interview them so that you could get to know them and vice versa. Again, we would like to inform you that we are just a service provider.

12.So what is the use of agency? Why is it in other agency we get 6 months contract and 3 replacements within those months?

This is the OLD process and for us this is a sign that their service is very poor or perhaps an illegal agency. We train and orient our kasamabahay before dispatching and we require their potential employers to do an interview so that they may have basic knowledge of each other’s preferences. As we don’t bill you anything during your 6 months contract with your preferred kasambahay and only ask for a one time service fee, then this states that we are a service provider.

AGENCY = Makes a Billing Statement which includes the taxes (if vat reg.) + monthly fee of our agency + Government benefits of the kasambahay + 13th month pay

Example: Security Agency, Healthcare provider agency, Promodizer and Mechandiser Etc.

WANTEDYAYA (Service Provider) = One time Fee to process documentations and assisting the clients (employers) and kasambahay. Applicants (kasambahay) reports directly to Employers (clients)

13.Are we going to pay anything for the replacement?

As long as the request is made within a month of the kasambahay's first day with you and that it is under the circumstances as stated in the said law, we will abide by the kasambahay law that there will be 3 free replacements. Beyond that, there will already be a replacement fee.

15. What if I do not want to get the service anymore? Is it possible to refund my money?

No. The amount is non refundable. We only offer replacement which is mandatory in the Kasambahay Law. Refund of at least 75% will be given if we fail to provide the replacement within 30 days from the time the written request was received 

16. What if I just want to terminate her out because I don’t like the way she works?

Again, you MAY replace the kasambahay WITHIN one month from the day she started to work but after 30 days we are NOT liable for any free replacement

Below are the guidelines:

a. Inform us immediately via email or in writing stating the reason of termination. DO NOT terminate them or let them leave the premises without our knowledge. The replacement will be endorsed to you within 30 days. Note that we need to check the validity of the reason of termination. Once received and validated, we will be sending you an approval code.

b. Make sure that you provide us of their payslip together with their government benefits such as SSS/Philhealth/Pagibig and 13th Month Pay

We, as a service provider has done our job to provide, train and orient the kasambahay. Your duty as an employer is to also screen and interview the kasambahay before you accept them. We should accept that there is always the chance of them changing their minds or simply that both of you has different preferences and views.

If both of you agrees (kasambahay and employer) to terminate your agreement, then you as an employer can terminate the kasambahay anytime thus the service provider is NOT liable for any replacements.

17. What if the kasambahay is already working with us for 3 months then she is confirmed to have stolen something in our place. What should I do? Can I ask for a replacement?

Like we have said we can only replace the kasambahay within one month from the time you hired them. This is in accordance with RA 10361 which is already implemented last January 18, 2013.

Which we quote:

" Within one month from the day of the kasambahay reported for work, the employer may demand a replacement based on the following circumstances:

a.The kasambahay is found to be sufferring from an incurrable or contagious disease or mental illness as certified by a competent or government physician;

b.The kasambahay abandons the job without justifiable cause, voluntarily resigns, commits theft or any other analogous acts prejudicial to the employer or his/her family;

c.The kasambahay is physically or mentally incapable of discharging the minimum requirements of the job, as specified in the employment contract."

This is the REASON why you need to INTERVIEW properly the KASAMBAHAY before you accept them. We as service provider has done our responsibility in searching applicants for you, giving them orientation and standard training, assisting them to get their Medical Certificates.

Please be informed that we as service provider DO NOT tolerate erring or misbehaving kasambahay - once there is a problem we DO NOT rehire this people. This is the reason we maintain the facebook so that we may also NOTIFY THE PUBLIC to warn other employers about these kasambahay. However, in fairness sake, we also don not tolerate employers who abuses our kasambahays. It is given that NOT ALL employers are kind to them. There is also a chance of miscommunication and misunderstanding. We are a firm believer that a kasambahay should be a part of your family. PLEASE DO NOT expect that this kasambahay will be SMART as you or SAME LEVEL as you. Patience and constant guidance is needed.

18. If I am decided to get your services what would be the next step?

Go to www.wantedyaya.com
Click EMPLOYER DATABASE either you download the employers form and send it to wantedyaya@gmail.com or click BOOK NOW. Or you may simply give us your complete name, address and telephone number and two (2) valid IDs and we will be glad to assist and to send you resume of our kasamabahays.For this, you may contact 09778379292 /0917-792-9297/09175335786/09287732265 or email wantedyaya@gmail.com

19.What else should I need to know ? 

We visit our dispatched kasambahay from time to time. This is for the welfare of both parties.

20. Are you sure your kasambahay is GOOD?

As much as we observe and background check them or given that we let them stay for at least a week with us, these are not enough for us to verify their behaviour as people reacts differently to a situation.

21. Should I expect that these people are well trained?

We train them by the help of a registered nurse and DOH Licensee. Even some of them underwent TESDA skills training. Please do limit your expectations as of course, you as an employer have different house rules that we cannot fully integrate in our courses