2015 was a good year as we finally introduced WANTEDYAYA.COM
Here is the list of services that we can provide you.

Remember, our focus is in taking care of infants and children in assistance to the working parents of today.

We provide your househelp needs but we also need to help each other so we can screen them properly. In line with this, it is a requirement for you to interview your preferred househelp prior contract signing.

* Nanny (Yaya for 3 years old and above)
We suggest that below 3 years old must be taken care with a professional caregiver, midwife or nurse. To ensure the well being of your kids.

If in need of the following, please visit the corresponding websites below

* Midwife
* Caregiver
* Nurse (Registered and Non Registered Nurse)


We also provide the following services:

* All around Maid
* Cook
* Driver
* Spa Therapist
* Manicurist
* Hairdresser
* Receptionist
* Assistant Personnel
* Accountant
* Bookeeper
* Factory Worker

If what you are looking is not in our list. We are glad to assist you. Just contact us wantedyaya@gmail.com